Creare Sistemas provides solutions to automate processes, reducing costs, increasing safety and operational efficiency. Solution comprises RFID technology, Reading Stations, on-board computers, satellite communication and a powerful software platform with dashboards and BIs, transforming data into information.

The system automatic identify wagons in movement and can integrate with weighting systems. The entire data gathered by the system is centralized in the Operational Control Center, which receives, processes and integrates information from field equipment. In this command center it is possible to have a global view of the entire operation on the fleet.

The RFID tags installed on the wagons are read by the remote data collection devices, helping the company to obtain specific data about the movement of the wagons and the management of its fleet, increasing the control of the transport. The adoption of the system allows greater transparency in operations, generating better results. The generation of secure data and information helps to optimize business and make quick decisions.