Telemetry to reduce road accidents.

Solution that provides accident prevention through the identification of fatigue and distraction signs. It emits alert sounds to the driver, registers and sends the non-conformities to the company's Operation Control Center in real time (mobile network). Frotalog software will manage the data, generate dashboards and BI reports for the decision maker and improve safety planning of corporate fleets.

The system uses on-board equipment, GPS and data transmission through GPRS and satellite, integrating and presenting information in real time through dashboards, BIs and management reports.



Safe Driving

  • Work Journey Control
  • Travel Time Control
  • Fatigue Prevention
  • Seat Belt Use Control
  • Control of Safety Rules
  • Traffic Accidents and fines Reduction

Fleet Management

  • Online Travel Route Verifications
  • Travel Distance Controll
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Speeding and Route Event Report

Customized Reports

  • Online Incident Tracking
  • Boarded Points of Interest
  • Detailed Maps
  • 360° Road View
  • Online Logistics Operation Monitoring
  • Expiring Drivers License and Maintenance Warning


  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions through proper use of vehicles
  • Increased Lifespan of Components and Vehicles